May 29: WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

It’s time for another Yarn Along & WIP Wednesday post!

Work in Progress: Downton Pullover

I’m STILL working on my Downton Pullover. After much thought and a whole lot of mental debating, I went ahead and attached the sleeves as is (i.e. too long and seemingly too wide).  The width actually turned out looking alright!  YAY!  But I still have to decide what to do about the length (or if I can somehow make it work as is).

As I attached the collar pieces, I noticed something about the collar wasn’t looking quite right.  And once it was on the sweater, I couldn’t get it to lay flat and be more than an inch and a half wide. So I took the collar pieces off again and examined them.  Good thing too! They weren’t the same size!  Somehow, in my knitting them I goofed and miss-counted rows on at least one of them.

I decided to play it safe and re-do both collar pieces.  (Because I had plenty of the teal yarn leftover!)  The new pieces are being properly blocked–I’m just waiting for them to dry.  Then I’ll sew them on and see if they don’t work out a bit better! I’m so close…maybe by Friday I’ll be posting it as a FO! {I do hope so!}

Downton Pullover

Blocking collar pieces {take 2}

Book in progress: Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

I finished Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart on Friday.  Did you know I’m a more-than-one-book kind of girl? In other words, at any given time I can easily have 4 or more books that I’m currently reading. I think I’ve always been like that.  I like having a variety of books going. And if one really catches my interest, I’ll focus on it more until it’s done.

Right now I’m focusing on Dragons of the Valley.

Donita K. Paul

Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

It’s book #2 in the Chiril Chronicles series.  And this fun Christian fantasy series is an off-shoot of the Dragonkeeper Chronicles series.  Whether you’re looking for a fun summer read for yourself or a book to give a young person in your life, both of these series are worth checking out!  I highly recommend you start with Dragonspell and read them all. I plan to also read book #3 Dragons of the Valley once I’ve finished this one.

I’m linking up again with Tami’s WIP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along. Be sure to check out the other blogs that have linked up to find more great WIPs and books to read!


FO Friday: Andrea Mitts

Happy Friday!

I’m happy because I FINALLY finished the pair of Andrea Mitts for my niece!

FO Fridays

Andrea Mitts

I almost had them done last night–only had the thumb left to knit.  So I got up early this morning and got them finished.

FO Fridays


Now I just need to get them to her…

FO Fridays

I’m linking up with Tami for her FO Fridays this week too. Lots of great projects completed this week!  Click on the picture below and to go the link-up page.

FO Fridays Tami

Wanted:  Test Knitters

As I was knitting the right mitt, I was having a hard time keeping track of my notes from making the left mitt. So I ended up typing up the pattern.  To make it easier for myself to follow.  And I think it is now.  But I don’t know if my Andrea Mitts pattern will make sense to anyone but me!  So I could use a little help from my readers who knit.

I’m looking for a few knitters who would be willing to make a pair {or at least look over the pattern as it is right now} and give me feedback on how it’s written up. The pattern will be free for my testers–including any updated versions!

Sound good?

If you’re interested, go HERE and leave me a message OR comment on this post to let me know and I’ll email you a PDF of my pattern for you to review.  I’ll accept requests to review my pattern through June 15.  Once you’ve had a little time to look over the pattern, I will send you a quick email questionnaire to fill out where you can tell me what you think of the pattern write-up.

Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are appreciated as soon as possible, so please keep that in mind if you sign up as a test knitter for this project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

We’ve got a long weekend ahead–Happy Memorial Day! Take time to remember those who have sacrificed all for our safety and freedom.

And of course…

Happy knitting and find time to enjoy a good book too!


WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

WIP Wednesday

WIP: Andrea’s Mitt’s
Reading: My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C. S. Lewis

And there’s never time enough in a day for knitting! Especially when you’re a busy homeschool mama!

My 1st WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along post

This is my first (official) WIP Wednesdays and Yarn Along post!

So here goes!

One of the books I’m currently reading on my Kindle Fire, as you can {almost} see in the above photo, is Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart.  If you aren’t familiar with her Deep Haven series and you like a sweet romance story, you should check this series out! I fell in love with the series years ago when I first checked out Happily Ever After from my local library. I really enjoy Susan’s writing style and characters. I’ve read several of her other books as well;  she is definitely in my list of favorite Christian romance authors. The town of Deep Haven in this series is very much like the small towns I’m familiar with, including the one we live in.

I’m so happy to have gotten a non-knitting project done yesterday. It’s in the photo above too! Do you see it? I covered an old composition notebook that I’d barely used with some fun scrapbook papers and stuff. I like how it turned out. I’ve had the idea for a while to start a reading journal–that is, a place to collect great lines and/or quotes from the books I read.  That way, I can remember what things struck me as important, interesting, or even funny, well after I’ve finished reading it.  And now I have a designated place to write those things. This makes me happy.

Work in Progress


WIP Wednesday Tami








I’ve started a new little design (mentioned in this post) and have a great pair of fingerless mitts coming along for my sweet niece.

Now that her birthday is past and she knows what I’m doing, I can share a pictures of the new mitt design with you all too!

fingerless mitts

Andrea’s Mitts (left hand)

Isn’t it pretty? My inspiration was the Christian romance novels Andrea-girl loves to read.  So I looked for stitches and elements that suggested a little romance at heart to me.  I had the pink Frog Tree Pediboo yarn on hand and came across it while digging through my stash.  I liked its squish, weight, and color for this design so I grabbed it and started swatching. I still have to weave in the ends on the left mitt and am working hard on the right mitt. I want to get these to Miss Andrea soon.  At the same time I’m trying to finish mitt #2, I’m also trying to write up the pattern in a way that makes sense in hopes that I might eventually add it to my pattern shop on Ravelry.

Speaking of pattern writing, I really need to find some serious time with my computer–and my camera–and get some of my older patterns written up and published too!

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my ramblings!

Be sure to take a moment and leave a comment below.

I’d love to know what you think of my new design or tell me about the book you’re currently enjoying! 

Happy knitting and/or reading!

Downton Pullover: seaming


Let me just say that the Downton Pullover has me a bit frustrated at the moment. The sleeves, after gently blocking (read: blocking without measuring or pinning) were both about 4 inches too long. Ugh. I double-checked my gauge and it’s spot on, so I do not know what happened. I re-soaked and re-shaped to the best of my ability–this time with a tape measure and pins in hand! I have yet to check and see if the re-blocking is any better, but I know they were measuring a bit wide when I was re-blocking.

Downton Pullover

Blocking. Take two.

But at least I managed to get the shoulders both seamed!

Downton Pullover

Sewing a shoulder seam.

Here’s hoping the sleeves aren’t a complete mess!

I’m reminded why I so love sock knitting and making fingerless mitts–no blocking pieces or seaming!

Anyone else feel this way about finishing sweaters?



WIP Wednesdays

Knitting link-ups!

Hooray!  *happy dance*

I’ve been wanting to add more regular content to my blog, but wasn’t really sure what to write about or what I should do.

So I searched out and found a couple of knitting related link-ups.  And since I’ve already been posting project updates, the WIP Wednesdays link-up is a really easy no-brainer.  I will just need to change my posting schedule so my most recent update is on Wednesdays. That way, when I link up my post it will actually make sense to the others following the link-up. 🙂

Interested in joining a knitting-related link-up too?

Well, the first one I’ve happily discovered is Tami’s at Tami’s Amis and Other Creations.  She also has a link-up for FO (that is, Finished Object) Fridays that I may join as well.

Tami's Amis

Another one that I plan to join next Wednesday is Ginny’s Yarn Along on her blog Small Things. But since it’s a link-up that’s focused on both the knitting projects you’re working on AND the book(s) you’re reading, I will wait and write with that in mind next week.
Small Things blog

Be on the lookout a week from today for my first WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along post. Can you tell how excited I am to find these link-ups?

Know of any other knitting (or crochet) link-ups?  Tell me about them in the comments!


Procrastination {or another Downton Pullover update}

Parts do not equal a whole

Friday night I finished knitting all the parts of the Downton Pullover.  

I should be so happy, right?


But the next step is the part that I’m not as familiar with: blocking and seaming.

To be honest, it’s got the perfectionist in me screaming in agony: Noooooo! not seaming!! Anything but THAT!

Learning something new can be intimidating.

Even when you’ve been a knitter for quite some time.

So if and when you feel this way about something you’re working on–remember, you’re not alone!

I have seamed a couple of projects in the past, but it’s been a while.  Most of the things I knit are small, don’t require much blocking, and are seamless.

So I’ve been procrastinating.

Oh yeah…and remember when I ran out of the taupe yarn? Well, look at what I found! A wee bit more was hiding in the box I’d had the sweater’s yarns in.  Only I’d stashed more yarn in the same box–on top of the little bit of leftover taupe.  So I *might* have actually had enough without unraveling my swatch. Then again, maybe not.  It’s hard to tell.


Lesson learned: keep all the yarns you’re using for a project in the same container (a bag, box, etc.) and don’t stash other yarns there until your project is done!!!

But back to blocking and seaming this sweater.

In my mind, I know what I need to do…it’s just the doing that feels so hard.

And procrastinating is so very easy to do.

So as long as I’m procrastinating, I decided to start working on a new design.  But I can’t share it quite yet.

You see, my niece, Andrea, is turning 16 on Saturday. {In case you’re wondering, I have several other nieces as well besides Katie and Andrea! Lots of great knit inspiration!}

And although I can already see my gift for her won’t be finished in time, at least she’ll {now} know it’s something special I designed with her in mind.

So, happy sweet 16, Miss Andrea! Auntie Steph loves you, girl!

Giveaway Winners!

We have our winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered! 


Random winners were chosen by none other than via Rafflecopter.


Winners have all been notified by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize.

If any prize is not claimed, a new winner will be chosen.





So without further ado…






The winners are






Winner of the Katelyn Mitts is






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And the winner of the Grand Prize Moss-Stitch Cowl is..








Congratulations to all three winners!