Fourth of July Yarn Along

Happy Fourth!

Tomorrow is July 4th.  Here in Northern Minnesota that means hanging with family and friends, watching the local parade while the kids scramble to see who can collect the most candy, and maybe even staying up to watch the evening fireworks display.  (I say maybe because a lot of years we’ve just bought our own sparklers and firecrackers instead of waiting up to about 10:30 pm or so for it to get dark enough up here for the real ones.  It’s a great time for patriotism.  I’m even doing a special patriotic manicure to celebrate. If it turns out, I might even post a picture.  Just because. But I better warn you that I may be MIA from the blog for the rest of the week/weekend because we’ve got family up visiting!

Work in Progress (Yarn Along)

After finishing my pattern last week, I celebrated by pulling out a shawl I started last summer.  It was a knit along with Wendy Johnson.  This is her Summer Solstice shawl. I also found a great use for washi tape:  marking the chart so I know which row I’m on!  I have my pattern in a plastic binder sleeve thingy, so the washi tape is easily removed and doesn’t harm my pattern. Plus, it’s kind of pretty! (I need more washi tape!)

Wendy Johnson pattern

This shawl should keep me busy for a while.  And I also cast-on the Almondine socks again.  I decided to go up a needle size and it looks a bit more normal now.  (Mentally crossing my fingers in hopes that they’ll fit right now!)  Between the two, I’ve got lots of knitting to do!

Book in Progress

I finished Blueberry Muffin Murder a couple days ago.  It was good to the end (albeit, I thought the ending was a bit abrupt)!  I need a break from the mystery genre for a bit so am going to have to either finish one of the other books I’ve already been working on or just start another new one.  In the meantime, I thought I could share one of the other books I’ve been (slowly) reading. Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.

Lysa TerKeurst book

It’s an excellent look at how we (especially us women) let our emotions control our reactions.  And she gives some godly insight into how to better handle situations that make us feel like coming “unglued”. I just finished chapter 10.  Good stuff.  I do recommend.

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you’re proud to be an American, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

Once again I will be linking up with Tami and Ginny‘s blogs–be sure to swing by and take a look at what some of the other bloggers are sharing today!

Happy knitting!







WIP Wednesday Tami


3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Yarn Along

    • Thank you! I’m grateful for the link-ups I’ve found! I really enjoy seeing other people’s projects too and I’ve found several blogs to follow myself. Glad to know you enjoyed reading mine! 🙂


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