Socks, a Shawl, and a Mysterious Society


On my needles

WIP Wednesday

After finishing one shawl, I remembered having started yet another shawl ages ago (June 2011 according to my Ravelry notes).  Poor thing has been in hibernation for so long, but I’d made good notes and knew right where I was in the pattern so picking it up again was relatively easy and painless. I’ve enjoyed knitting on this the past few days while watching TV in the evenings with my hubby.  We’re watching all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and have just started Season 5.  Neither of us remembers watching this far into DS9 before. The show began my first year of college and I believe I lost interest/didn’t have time to keep up with the show regularly during season 3.

I’ve also been working on the Almondine socks a little.  They’re coming along, albeit slowly.

Off my needles

I finished the Summer Solstice shawl on Friday night.  Will be posting pics and share more about it on Friday. It looks pretty neat pinned to the carpet for blocking.

Books I’m reading

I’ve read Reading Reflex (see last week’s post for more info) up to the point where I need to start doing the activities with my 6 year old.  I’m definitely curious to see if this approach to teaching reading–which is very similar, but still different from the LAST method I tried–works better for him. I really want him to know how to read and to be able to do it well soon!

For fun, I’ve started a series that my older son read last summer: The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.  It was on the Sonlight (that’s the main curriculum we use for our homeschool) summer reading recommendations list. He loved it so much we bought the 2nd and 3rd books for him also.  I’ve mentioned my love of a good mystery before and this one is perfect for the tween/teen age range as well as for adult readers who–like myself–just enjoy a good story and don’t mind that the main characters are kids.

I also started reading Heiress by Susan May Warren this past week–it’s on my Kindle so I was taking it with me and reading it while the boys were in swim lessons.  But then I got so involved with reading the Mysterious Benedict Society that I’ve been taking that book with me instead.  Heiress is set during the Gilded Age and her characters already remind me of Downton Abbey’s even though the story takes place in America.

I’m linking up once again with Ginny’s blog for this week’s Yarn Along, Tami’s blog for WIP Wednesday, and Nicole’s blog for Keep Calm Craft On.

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12 thoughts on “Socks, a Shawl, and a Mysterious Society

  1. You’ve been BUSY!!! Love the shawl….don’t you sometimes wonder why stuff gets put in time-out??? Thanks for the book recommendation…been having trouble finding stuff my almost 10 year old grandson would tolerate. May a read-along might get him hooked.


    • This particular pattern has you repeat the same chart 4 times, so I had a sticky note on it with the row # I was on and how many times I’d finished the chart. Very helpful, especially after a year or more in hibernation!


  2. The shawl is gorgeous an dI love that all that note taking really let you just pick it up again. Good reminder.

    My kids (and my husband and I) loved the Benedict Society books. Such a great collection of kids all relying on each other. Perfect allegory for the value of people, regardless of your first impressions. Perfect for siblings for sure!


  3. Love the shawl. I’m very impressed at how easily you were able to bring it out of hibernation!

    I used to dog sit for the woman who illustrates the Mysterious Benedict Society books, how random is that?!?


    • Thanks, Stefanie! It would have been a huge pain trying to figure it out without my helpful sticky note! Good thing it stayed stuck to the pattern!!! You know the illustrator of the books I’m reading?? How fun! 🙂


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