Autumn Fern Möbius


The Autumn Fern Möbius is finished…well, at least the knitting part is done! It took me a little longer than I anticipated, but I made time to finish the knitting today. All I have left to do is graft the two ends together in the möbius twist shape and then lightly block it. I will get it shipped out on Monday.

It really has been an honor and a privilege to knit this Autumn Fern Möbius for Chelsea’s Light. Thanks again to Dream in Color yarn for coordinating the volunteer effort and for the yarn!

Have a happy weekend of knitting!



FO Friday: Bigger on the Inside

Bigger on the Inside #1

One down, one to go!

Knit shawl

Pattern: Bigger on the Inside by Kate Atherley

Yarn: Valley Yarns Huntington in Blue, about 2.5 skeins

Needles: Pattern recommends size US3.  I used size US4 to get gauge.

Edit: I evidently remembered incorrectly! I used US6 needles!

Size: one size (mine is more of a shawlette than a true shawl)

My first attempt at this shawl turned out a bit smaller than I had thought it would be.  It’s really more of a shawlette.  Still cute, but not exactly as I’d hoped knowing that the dear friend for whom I was knitting it likes her shawls to actually wrap around her.  After discussing it via email with her, we’ve agreed that I should keep this one and do what I can to make the second Bigger on the Inside a bit, ahem, bigger.  Here’s hoping that the next one I make will be much more shawl-ish!

Do you know what to do if a knitted item is too small?

Well here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

First of all, don’t panic! Chances are pretty good it’s still a nice whatever-it-is. Perhaps you can think of someone whom it would fit perfectly! (And yes, gifting slightly off-sized items is perfectly acceptable! Just ask my niece who became the recipient of a Soap Bubble Wrap sweater that was a tad too wide in the shoulders for me, but fit her just fine! Lucky girl!)  Anyways, this Bigger on the Inside shawl is better-suited to my petite frame and, quite honestly, makes a fabulous scarf {see photo below} so I will happily keep it and use it.

knit shawl

Since I know I’m going to make another one of these shawls, what should I do to make it larger? 

Well, I do have at least a couple options.

The easiest way I’ve found to knit something in a bigger size is to use larger knitting needles. As you can see in my above notes, I already used a larger needle just to get gauge.  This is pretty normal for me because my yarn tension tends to be tighter than a lot of other knitters.  Tension affects gauge. Big time.  That’s why it’s so important to check your gauge before you start a project by knitting a swatch.  (I’m a rebel when it comes to swatching though.  I don’t usually swatch my smaller projects like socks or mitts, but I have been known to have to rip out and restart a pair of socks in order to get them to fit. You, my dear readers,  can learn by my mistake and swatch your socks, OR you can be a rebel like me! Regardless of your level of rebelliousness, you will NEED to swatch for larger projects like sweaters if you want them to fit!)

Okay, so for my second attempt at this shawl, I will most likely start out going up to my US6 needles.  Why not try US5s first?  Because I don’t have any! So, without purchasing new needles,  my next size up is US6.  By using such a large needle size–compared to the pattern and yarn I’m using–it’s possible the lace might not look right.

My next best option is to do some math and add a couple motifs or repeats to the pattern.

I’ll be the first to say, I hope the US6 needles work out, because just thinking about doing that math makes my head hurt.  But I’ll do it if I have to–or recruit the math master {aka my hubby} to do the math for me!  Ultimately, by adding stitches and/or pattern repeats, I would be adding length and/or width to the shawl. I’m just hoping for the easy way out though!

Edit: I do have US7 and US8 needles…I’ll be trying them both out to see how the fabric looks and determine if I would gain any length and/or width. It’s looking a lot like I might be adding repeats or otherwise modifying the pattern though!

What about you?

Have you had any knitting projects that seemed to work out just fine, but in the end didn’t quite fit?  What did you do? Share your experience in the comments below!

I’ll be linking up again this week with Tami’s blog for FO Fridays! Happy knitting!


On My Needles: Bigger on the Inside week 2

Bigger on the Inside Shawl

Is it REALLY Wednesday ALREADY?!?!? This week has just flown by.

I’ve forced myself to focus only on knitting this Bigger on the Inside shawl/scarf because I really want to finish it ASAP. I’ve been itching to start another pair of socks, but so far have not let myself.  As you can see in my photo, I’ve finished the lace section and have begun the TARDIS motif section. The hardest part so far was picking up and knitting 311 stitches evenly across the bottom edge of it.  At times, the TARDIS chart gets a tad confusing, but I just take my time and really think it through at the beginning of each row. Once I get it figured out, I’m good to go and can remember the pattern of the stitches for the rest of the row. Thank goodness!

Yarn Along, On My Needles

What I’m Reading Now

I finished the Doctor Who book Plague of the Cybermen just this morning. It really was a good read for a fan-girl like me.  I thought about reading another in the Doctor Who series–I’ve still got a couple more checked out from my local library–but my sister-in-law pointed me to a series by Colleen Coble that happens to be set in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. Distant Echoes is the first in the Aloha Reef Series. I just got it from the library a few days ago, and since we recently visited the Big Island I’ve decided to go ahead and start it.  I think I’ll enjoy reading this one even though we haven’t been to that particular island yet. (Kauai is next on my islands-to-visit-wish-list though!) I’ve just barely started reading the book so can’t say yet whether it’s good or not, but my sister-in-law said she enjoyed it so I probably will too.

Chelsea’s Light Foundation (or helping a fellow knitter)

If you follow my Facebook page (if not, please do!), you may have seen my post yesterday with a link to a page on Ravelry. If you were unable to get to the page right away, I apologize! Ravelry needs you to sign in to see forum post pages and then it sounds like Ravelry may have had some issues besides–perhaps due to the increase in traffic to that page.  If you sign in to Ravelry and check out the page now by clicking this link, you’ll see that they were seeking out knitters who were willing to knit one of a few specific items for Chelsea’s Light Foundation.  Although I’d never heard of this Foundation before, I was moved to offer my knitting abilities to help out a fellow knitter.  I am a newbie runner as well as a knitter so perhaps that’s why it really struck a chord in my soul. Kelly (Chelsea’s mom) usually knits these items herself but because she’s been busy organizing the next Finish Chelsea’s Run she has run out of time to make all the items that she gives to the Foundation’s scholarship winners. I feel blessed to be able to help her out in this way.  Dream in Color is sending out the yarns they want us to use, so as soon as they get here I’ll be casting on the Autumn Fern Mobius. In the meanwhile, I hope to get as far as I can on Patty’s Bigger on the Inside shawl, because I’ll want to focus on the Mobius scarf which needs to be finished before the end of November.  If you didn’t get to help with this project, but are interested in helping Chelsea’s Light Foundation, check out Chelsea’s Shawl and see if a yarn shop near you (or one you shop from online) carries them. Of course, you can just give a donation on their site if you feel led to do so.  Personally, I love seeing how the knitting community steps up to help each other out!  Please take a minute and check it out.  Thanks!

So this is my Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday post for this week. Congrats to Ginny at Small Things on the birth of her sweet baby boy!  At this time, I don’t see a link-up post on her blog Small Things, so I’ll only be linking up with Tami’s WIP Wednesday post this week, I guess. If you knit, be sure to join in the fun!

As always, happy knitting!



Finished Object Friday: Almondine Socks

Finished: Almondine Socks

They’re DONE!  I’ve only been working on these Almondine socks on-and-off for about 4 months.  I even took them along on our trip to Hawaii!  Although I didn’t actually find myself much in the knitting mood while on vacation.  I think I needed the escape I found with reading much more! But I was glad to have no problems with TSA. Perhaps, those TSA agents are getting used to knitters taking their projects when they travel.  And having them half done probably helped too.

Anyways, here’s the finished pair.  Although I finished them last week, I wore them for the first time this week and finally took photos to share.  I think they look great!

sock knitting

They’re as comfortable as they are cute!  I love love love my hand-knit socks!!!

Finished any knitting or crochet projects this week?

Tell me about it in the comments below!  If you’re a knit-blogger like myself, be sure to share your FO Friday posts on Tami’s blog too!

Happy knitting!