Update: Bigger Bigger on the Inside shawl

I’m half-way through the TARDIS chart. With the busy-ness of the Christmas season, I didn’t find as much time for knitting this Bigger on the Inside shawl as I had thought I would.

Plans are in the making for New Year’s Eve knitting–watching movies with my hubby and many hours of knitting (I’m thinking another movie marathon would be fun, but we’ll see what we decide).

So…have you guessed what my new blogging tool is yet? I’m using it to write this post! An iPhone! I’m *finally* joining the ranks of smartphone owners! Yay me! I love how easy this is to use and am excited to be able to post more frequent updates like this for you to see how my works in progress are coming along.

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and I wish for each of you, dear readers, a very happy new year!

Happy knitting!


Christmas Knitting

Christmas is Coming!

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner.  Less than 5 days!  I’ve been extra busy with homeschooling my boys this past month and whenever I do find I have a little extra time, I’d much rather be knitting than writing about my knitting!  I suppose that’s my excuse for why I’ve been neglecting to write lately!  If you’ve ever run a blog, you probably understand how hard it is sometimes just to find time to sit at the computer and write instead of doing the things you write about.  I’m often torn between wanting to post a work-in-progress update and just sitting down to work on the project–and lately the project has won out over the writing!  I just don’t find enough time to do both.  What with having to drag out my camera, take photos (which usually requires a clearing of space and decent lighting), uploading said photos to computer, editing photos, and then writing writing writing!  It takes a lot more time and effort than I have sometimes to do.  BUT my husband tells me he’s planning to get me something for Christmas that I believe *might* just help me add new posts a little more frequently…a certain tool that will make posting half-way decent photos much easier. *squee*  But I better wait until AFTER I get it to tell you all about it.  I’m super-excited though!

On My Needles

So here’s a quick update of my knitting since I last posted.

Still working on the Bigger Bigger on the Inside for Patty.  I’ve gotten past the lace and am working on the TARDIS section now. Because I’ve made it larger, there are more stitches to work.  Each row has 351 stitches!  That’s a lot!  Again, I just haven’t had as much knitting time as I’d like to, so I’m not nearly as far along as I had hoped to be.  Add to that the OTHER projects I’ve had to make as well and it’s taking me a bit longer than the first to make.

The next project I made is a Calorimetry headband for my husband’s sister.  She requested a headband to keep her ears warm in winter.  This is the best pattern I’ve found for doing just that!

And finally, I’ve made another certain item that will be part of my “white elephant” gift for the family get-together on Christmas Day.  I have to keep it a secret for now because I want it to be a surprise!  But I’ll be sure to tell you all about it later! Especially if I get the reaction I think I will get.  Tee hee!  Can’t wait!

Having fun getting ready for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, my Savior. Praying you have a blessed Christmas this year too!

As always–happy knitting!