On Pause

Where has perfectioKnits gone?

Well, if you’ve been following perfectioKnits, you’ll have noticed that the past few months my blog posts and social media interactions have been at a bare minimum. And so I’m writing this quick update so you know that I’m still here, but I don’t plan on writing as many posts now.


I’m home-schooling a high-schooler and a second grader now and simply don’t have time to blog. {I know some home-school mamas are excellent bloggers and make time for it, but for me…if I’m not working, I want to be knitting or reading and right now blogging is work!}

What does this mean?

For now, it just means I won’t be posting every week–or even every month. I’m still hoping to find time this winter to work on my new designs and get some more published so I’ll post when I have exciting news like a new pattern. So I’m not going away completely–at least not yet! Just don’t expect many new posts from me during this season of my life as a home-school mama.

As always,

Happy knitting!


P.S. I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday next month, so I set up a Ravelry coupon code { birthday40 } for you to use in the month of October to get 40% off my patterns!