Weekend DIY: Updated Chair

If you’ve read my About Me page, you know I homeschool my kids. And it’s the middle of August now, which means it’s time to get my butt in gear and get ready to start the new school year. And that means getting my school room cleaned up and organized.

Weekend DIY Updated Chair for Schoolroom

While I haven’t had time yet to clean or organize, I have been working on a furniture project for my classroom. Chairs. I have been looking for replacement chairs for months. The seats on the ones we have are all cracked and falling apart. The photo {see below} on the left of my collage shows the one in the BEST condition of the four. Let’s just say they weren’t fun to sit on. At all.

My problem? I couldn’t find any good used chairs for less than $35/piece that were sturdy enough to let my kids sit on every day. But then one day about a week ago I was on Pinterest and the idea just sort of popped into my brain: remove the old cushion covers and make new ones for our old chairs!  And since the metal frames are also worn a bit where they’d been handled a lot, a new coat of shiny paint would be necessary too.

So I went to a local craft store that sells fabrics. I let the boys each choose (within reason) the fabric they wanted and picked out one for myself.  We found spray paint on sale at a local hardware store. They didn’t have the color my 13 year old wanted (his favorite is purple–the color of royalty–I think he wants to be king) so he choose the metallic silver instead. I was SO glad…the idea of purple with the blue with white polka dotted fabric that he choose really didn’t thrill me.

In the collage below you can see chair #1 (the 6 year old’s) is almost done! He didn’t care AT ALL about the fabric as long as the chair frame was going to be red. I picked this one out because it has a little bit of red in it as an accent, but it’s still a calming color scheme. He looked at it ever so briefly and said “yes” to it.  The hardest part of this project (aside from the fact that I have to use my sewing machine…something I  haven’t done in years) is getting the cushions screwed back onto the chair. I recruited Mr. Muscles (aka my hubby) to help with that.  So far he’s done the seat cushion, but we haven’t tackled screwing the back cushion on yet. I hope it goes well…

Chair DIY cover

Chair #1 for our school room updated with new cushion covers and paint!

I’m not certain how long the cotton fabric will last, but even if it’s just for a year or two, I know how to make these chairs look new again and can get some heavier-duty fabric next time if need be.

So even though it’s a non-knitting project, I’m really happy about it and wanted to show off what else is keeping me busy these days.

Now to get those other two chairs finished before we need them for school!

Furniture DIY-ers?

Have you ever updated an old piece of furniture to give it new life?  Tell me about your project by leaving a comment below!

Happy crafting!