My Top 5 Online Yarn Stores

In my last Top 5 post, I talked about why I love online yarn shopping. Today I will share my favorite online yarn stores with you so you can check them out too!

Top 5 Online Yarn Stores (according to me)

1. WEBS–America’s Yarn Store is #1 on my list because of the huge variety of yarns they offer.  Quality name brand yarns. Lace weight all the way up to super bulky. Needles and other notions too. Instead of free shipping, WEBS offer discounts based on how much you spend. So if I’m going to order from them, I prefer to make it a large order and save as much as I can!  I could go on and on and on about how much I love them, but you should really just go and check them out if you haven’t shopped there yet!

2. Knit Picks

Second on my list is Knit Picks.  They sell their own brand of yarns as well as needles and notions.  I’ve tried several of the yarns and have for the most part been very happy with them. The quality is good and the prices even better! Orders over $50 get free shipping.  Again, I like to save where I can, so I usually spend enough so I don’t pay for shipping too.

3. Knitting-Warehouse

Carrying a selection of yarns, needles, etc. very similar to what I’d find at my nearest Michael’s or Jo-Anne Fabrics is Knitting Warehouse.  The prices are also very good–especially their discount yarns.

4. Fabulous Yarn

Another site that carries only quality name brand yarns. Fabulous Yarn also offers discounts including an extra 5% off if you sign up for their emails (they send you a code).  They also have free shipping if you spend over $75.

5. Etsy

Although I haven’t actually bought any yarn from any Etsy sellers, over the past couple of years I have loved looking at the various hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns that are out there. There are several shops that have great ratings and I’d love to buy from them…I just haven’t yet!  Note to self:  my next yarn purchase should really be from an Etsy shop!


Are there other online yarn stores?  Just do a Google search and you’ll see just how many there are!  (Tons!)  These just happen to be the ones I’ve enjoyed ordering from (or in the case of Etsy, doing a little window shopping).

Have a favorite online yarn shop that I didn’t mention?  Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below so I can check it out!

Happy knitting!



Top 5 Reasons I Love Online Yarn Shops

No Local Yarn Shops…what’s a knitter to do?

I live in Northern Minnesota.  Seven miles from the Canadian border.  And it so happens that the closest yarn-dedicated shop {that I know of} is about a 3 hour drive.  And the closest crafting stores are about 2 hours away.  Of course, my small town does have a few discount and chain stores that carry yarns, but those yarns are generally cheap acrylic or dishcloth cotton.  So what to do when you really want to knit with a quality merino wool?

Shop Online for Yarn

Although not nearly as fun as shopping in a brick-and-mortar yarn shop–no petting or squishing the yarns and sometimes the actual colors vary slightly from what you see on your computer screen–shopping for and buying yarns online is a great option for those of us who don’t have a yarn shop nearby.

1. Discounts

One big reason:  sales and/or free shipping.  Depending on the store, you can often find really good prices for the yarns you want.  Some stores offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount too.

2. Delivered to you

If you can’t get out to a yarn shop, it is super nice to have your yarns delivered to you at home.  And getting that package of yarns and other knitting supplies is like getting a present!  It’s super fun to open the box and finally get to see, squish, and pet the new yarns you’ve bought.

3. Time to think, plan, and decide with no pressure

Sometimes when I’ve shopped in a yarn shop, I’ve felt pressured.  Like the very helpful and chatty store owner who makes recommendation after recommendation–although I appreciate the attention, I’m the kind of shopper that likes to take her time.  I like to think about the yarns, consider their colors, their weight, their fibers.  Then I have to consider the cost and how much I can afford.  Shopping online allows me to do this without worrying that I’ll offend the shopkeeper by just looking. Or taking days to decide. {I usually don’t have much time when I shop in a yarn store because we’re usually traveling and need to keep driving to our next destination.} So that’s the best part of online yarn shopping.

4. Window shopping

And yes, I often like to browse my favorite online shops and drool over all the pretty yarns knowing there’s no money in my budget right now and I’m not really going to buy anything.  But just looking at all those pretty yarns makes me happy!  And can be inspiring too.

5. Get what you want

My final reason I love online yarn shops is that you can almost always find the yarn you are looking for {unless it’s been discontinued}. If you shop at a yarn shop and they don’t have the exact yarn you want you can either buy a similar-but-different yarn or ask the shop owner to order the one you are looking for and then wait for them to get it in.  But shopping online means you can check out several different stores all from the comfort of your home.  You can drink your coffee or tea and wear your pajamas while searching for just the right yarn.  Need a specific yarn in order to use the recommended yarn from a pattern you want to knit?  Just do a Google search for it and quickly find out which online stores carry it.  You can easily compare prices too and get the best online deal.

So, now that you know WHY I love online yarn shopping, I bet you’re wondering WHERE I do my online yarn shopping.  That will be the next post in my Top 5 series!

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Happy knitting!