May 29: WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

It’s time for another Yarn Along & WIP Wednesday post!

Work in Progress: Downton Pullover

I’m STILL working on my Downton Pullover. After much thought and a whole lot of mental debating, I went ahead and attached the sleeves as is (i.e. too long and seemingly too wide).  The width actually turned out looking alright!  YAY!  But I still have to decide what to do about the length (or if I can somehow make it work as is).

As I attached the collar pieces, I noticed something about the collar wasn’t looking quite right.  And once it was on the sweater, I couldn’t get it to lay flat and be more than an inch and a half wide. So I took the collar pieces off again and examined them.  Good thing too! They weren’t the same size!  Somehow, in my knitting them I goofed and miss-counted rows on at least one of them.

I decided to play it safe and re-do both collar pieces.  (Because I had plenty of the teal yarn leftover!)  The new pieces are being properly blocked–I’m just waiting for them to dry.  Then I’ll sew them on and see if they don’t work out a bit better! I’m so close…maybe by Friday I’ll be posting it as a FO! {I do hope so!}

Downton Pullover

Blocking collar pieces {take 2}

Book in progress: Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

I finished Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart on Friday.  Did you know I’m a more-than-one-book kind of girl? In other words, at any given time I can easily have 4 or more books that I’m currently reading. I think I’ve always been like that.  I like having a variety of books going. And if one really catches my interest, I’ll focus on it more until it’s done.

Right now I’m focusing on Dragons of the Valley.

Donita K. Paul

Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

It’s book #2 in the Chiril Chronicles series.  And this fun Christian fantasy series is an off-shoot of the Dragonkeeper Chronicles series.  Whether you’re looking for a fun summer read for yourself or a book to give a young person in your life, both of these series are worth checking out!  I highly recommend you start with Dragonspell and read them all. I plan to also read book #3 Dragons of the Valley once I’ve finished this one.

I’m linking up again with Tami’s WIP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along. Be sure to check out the other blogs that have linked up to find more great WIPs and books to read!